Spine Products


OBX only distributes Minimally Invasive Spine (MIS) and percutaneous spine products. We have a full range of Cervical and Lumbar products. Some examples are displayed here:

Plates and Screws
Spine plate.jpg
  • OBX Plates are low profile with graft and endplate visualization.

  • Cervical screws are easy to use with tactile 1/4 turn locking. Same driver can be used for inserting and locking screws.

  • Plate sizes range from 12mm (1 Level) to 84mm (4 Level)

  • Screw options include self-tapping, self-drilling, and can be fixed or variable. Sizes range from 12mm to 16mm. Rescue screws also available.

spine spacer.png
  • PEEK cervical spacers with large holes for grafting

  • Multiple options to support patient anatomy and conditions

  • Heights vary from 5mm to 12mm

  • Lordotic angels vary from 0 deg to 12 deg

Stand Alone
spine stand alone.png
  • Plate and Cage combination with easy screw placement

  • Lordotic angels range from 0 deg to 8 deg


OBX has a full line of posterior and lateral lumbar fusion options, including mini-open, and percutaneous rod delivery products and instruments.

  • OBX Spine lateral lumbar is state of the art system based on a DIRECT VISUALIZATION psoas muscle sparing approach.​

  • Our 2 stage retractor system allows for direct visualization of the psoas muscle and any present nerves prior to any psoas dissection.

  • OBX Spine lateral technique allows for a psoas dissection that is muscle sparring allowing for a quicker recovery.

  • OBX Spine Minimally Invasive posterior lumbar fusion is a tube based system to minimize potential complications

  • There are multiple spacer types to meet your practice needs

  • Various cage sizes and lordotic angles are also available

Pedicle Screw
  • Minimally invasive pedicle screws available with or without towers

  • Sizes range from 4.5mm to 8.55MM with lengths starting at 25mm and increments of 5mm

  • Reduction screws in various sizes also available

  • Pre-bent rod lengths range from 35mm to 120mm in 5mm increments

  • Straight rods available all the way up to 450mm in length

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