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From Intellectual Property Licensed from Duke University

Solarium is designed to simplify R/L dial manipulation by extending the small R/L dial and by bringing it into the same plane as the large U/D dial in most commonly used endoscopes for gastroenterology, including colonoscopy

Watch Interview and Demo with Dr. Darin Dufault

"When performing a colonoscopy manipulating the tip of the scope can become quite burdensome - there's a lot of strain put on the thumb."

Dr. Darin Dufault



The little dial (R/L) is a stretch for most thumbs in routine endoscopies.

Current practice is a 2 handed procedure, or lock the R/L dial (making fine manipulation cumbersome), or do the “pinky pinch” of the scope.

OBX Solution

Solarium Result: reaching and manipulating the small dial just as you would the large dial on the most commonly used endoscopes.

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